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Product Discounts

Existing customers that have purchased a full Server Elements product in the last 3 years may be eligible for Server Elements product discounts. Based on the products you own, you may receive up to 35% off on select Server Elements products.

To find out if you are eligible and receive a list of products at discount pricing, please enter your Name (Example: John Doe) and Email below. In order for us to access your records, please provide the Name and Email used in your original PayPal transaction.


Product Discounts


NOTE: To ensure best results when requesting your product discounts, please verify that the contact information provided above is correct. To qualify for product discounts you must be an existing Server Elements customer that has purchased a Server Elements product in the last 3 years. Additional details about how Server Elements handles the provided information is available in our Privacy Statement.


Title: Product Discounts
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Printed: Saturday September 18th, 2021

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